road trip

It’s Thursday and I am thrilled about it.  We’re heading out of town today, taking our new car on a Memorial Day road trip to Moab, UT and then to Ridgway, Co. I am so excited!

The past couple of weeks months have been busy around our house, and it feels like there are very few days when Bear and I have the chance to relax and enjoy each other without rushing to the next thing.  This little road trip is going to be great, you know why? I get to have Bear’s undivided attention for 4 days.  Plus, the car is packed with yummy treats, our song list is awesome (I expect some major singing happening on this trip), and we get to try out our new sunroof. .. windblown hair, here you come.   

Have a happy memorial weekend. I hope you all have a wonderful memorial day! 


Elisha(: said...

hey you.. stop it. your adorable. anddd.. your topknot? IMPRESSIVE TO THE MAX.


Tina Lam said...

Yay I'm so excited that you get to have such a nice trip for this long weekend. I hope you have a wonderful trip, and that you've been well! Can't wait to see pictures. :)

- Tina