Bear and I got our picnic basket out filled it with yummy treats, a frisbee, and some books and headed to the local park. We laid in the sun for most of the day napping and chatting with each other. It was the most relaxing day that I have had in a long time.

Later that evening we decided to go act like kids and hang out at the arcade. We played games, competed with each other at basketball, and won army men and a big diamond ring. It was so fun to be carefree, silly, and laugh with each other. And to top it off, we ate at in-and-out and got dessert at rocky mountain chocolate factory. It was a perfect evening.

I was too busy relaxing and hanging out to take many pictures.  


Kelli Diane said...

this sounds absolutely perfect! Glad you had a relaxing weekend!

Gentri said...

Mmmm Sounds wonderful. :) What a great day!