the weekend

Highlights from the weekend include

1. going to glades for hamburgers. This use to be one of our weekend hangout spots (the parking lot) when I was younger.  It was as delicious as I remembered it being.  They have this white sauce for dipping your fries (and anything else) and it is scrumptious! It's so good that I kept some and it's in my refrigerator for when I get a craving.

2. taking a walk up Hobble Creek Canyon, and then driving around looking at all the million (x6) dollar houses that are hidden up throughout the canyon.

3. watching Shento play in the snow.

4. coming home and trying out our new espresso maker. Bear made a killer pumpkin spice espresso!

5. (not pictured) Bear and I walked to center street to watch Santa turn the Christmas lights on in downtown provo. The lights were so so, but the walk was wonderful. It is great living within walking distance to downtown.

That wraps up our weekend. How was yours?


Alison said...

cut it out. I'm obsessed with you. Creepy...sorry. Come over!

Alison said...

except you just have one problem...your email or contact info is nowhere to be found! so, you'll have to come to me. alisonfaulkner[at]gmail.com (or I live in that house with no wreath on the door...THE SHAME)