the first christmas

Today, we head out on a road trip to California. 
We are spending the holidays out there with my family. 
Twelve hours in the car with this guy could not get any better. 
This pictures is an oldie, but it brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. 
It was taken during the first Christmas break (from college) that we hung out with each other . 
During that break are friendship began. 
We quickly became best friends with the occasionally kiss thrown in. 
That Christmas was also the first time that Bear met and entertained some of my extended family. 
Six years later he is still my best friend, but now I get all the kisses I want. 
yeah for holidays... yeah for love... yeah for families... and yeah for road trips!  


Tina said...

I love those pictures that bring back the happiest of memories. and...YAY FOR CALIFORNIA!!! I would love to go back home right now, but work doesn't allow me to, so be sure to enjoy the golden state for me!

Happy Holidays!
- Tina

Betsy said...

awe...so cute! Hope you're enjoying your Christmas in California! :)