hope that you are having a great week thus far.
I feel like ours has been productive.
we have checked things off of our never ending to-do list.
We have been moving along with the job search, house search, and grad school.
And after much debate, thought, and stress
we have officially decided to call Provo our home for the next little while.
And while I never thought that I would ever live in Provo/Utah County,
I am starting to except and like the idea.
It's beautiful here and we have potentially found an awesome Indian food restaurant
that I am super excited about (as long as I can find me some good Indian food, I will be great).

The house search is proving to be more challenging than we thought.
Especially in this area because everyone here is dog haters.
How can you not like dogs? Doesn't make any sense to me.
I couldn't even image life without my adorable Shento.

We are in Provo today. I am actually sitting in the student library typing this. Bear is teaching his class.
I am really hoping he hurries up because my stomach is starting to rumble.
Breakfast is sounding yummy right about now.

Any suggestions on awesome things to do in Provo?
We are going to go exploring today.

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