Utah, as of lately

The settling in process has begun. We have filled a storage unit that contains our stuff until we find permanent residents. We have started job searching, and we have looked through many different areas and houses around Salt Lake City. The housing search has been tedious, but we have narrowed it down to the area that we would like to call home. So we are keeping our fingers crossed in hopes that a house comes up that we adore.
As for now, we are settled in at my in-laws house, enjoying the company of our families, the delicious dinners, and the fact that we are blessed enough to have this opportunity to stay at their house and not have to rush into any quick decisions about home buying/renting, and jobs.

In other news, Shento seemed to be affected by the move the worst. His schedule was all mixes up which caused him to go into a slight panic mode. His tummy was bothering him, he was extremely needy, and he was not acting like himself. I realize that this is a dog that I am talking about. However, he is part of our family and we were worried! I am happy to announce that as of a couple days ago, he is back on track and seems to be doing lots better. Shento loves that he has a non-stop play date with one the cutest boxers ever, Ali (my in-laws dog), he is crazy about his swims in the near by lake, and there are a ton of people around here that give him loads of attention. I would say that he is living the good ‘doggy’ life.

Everything around here is going good. And we are happy to be in Utah surrounded by everything that we love. Here’s to Utah and the adventure that awaits us. 

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Camille said...

Grayson and I are going to be moving to Utah for a year in 3 weeks, so we have to get together. By the way I love all your pictures!