we had such a good day

we had such a fun and special 3rd wedding anniversary. i was feeling less than inspired to do anything, and really wanted to wait and celebrate once we got settled in our new home. but Bear insisted that we take a day off from packing and do something for our special day, and i could not of been more thankful. the day was planned out perfectly and it consisted of all of our favorite things. 

Bear and i have started reading this extraordinary wonderful book, "No Ordinary Time". The book is an illustration of Franklin and Eleanor and the influence that they had on American Society. FDR grew up in Hyde Park, NY and that is where we spent our 3rd wedding anniversary. 

we first toured around Eleanor's house. the house was dark and musky but ornate and cozy at the same time. all the original furnishings were in the house. it was very neat to look at all of her family pictures hanging on the wall. and i found it so fun that she use to frame Christmas cards and hang them in her dining room.  


Bear had made reservations for lunch at the culinary institute of america. the campus is amazing with views looking over the hudson river. the food was so dang good. but the dessert was even better. 

after our scrumptious lunch we headed to Franklin's house. the rooms were filled with expensive decor and floral drapes. it showed Franklins collection of just about everything; birds, british comic strips, and paintings. Again, everything was original and kept the same way as it was when he lived there.
the grounds were spectacular, filled with rose gardens, a barn, and lots of trees. Franklin planted over 500 trees while living there.

the day was filled with history, outdoors, adventure, and laughter... a perfect combination for an anniversary outing. we did no gift exchange (not even cards) but i did get a big kiss when i woke up and a day that was thoroughly planned out by the best husband in the world.

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