The boxes

What a crazy and exhausting week this has been thus far! Packing, cleaning, maneuvering around boxes, and selling things on craigslist has been slightly overwhelming.  I think that this is the most miserable part about moving. Everything (at least almost everything) we own is sitting in boxes, taped up, and labeled with a black marker. It is like a large box fort around us as we watch TV. 
I feel bad for Shento, he might be experiencing the worst of this move. Every move he makes he is afraid that a box is going to fall on top of him. His bed has been moved and he has to go in between boxes to get to his food. His life and daily routine has been messed with, and he is not a happy puppy at the moment. 

We have somewhat planned our road trip to Utah. We have researched and come up with some interesting stops and yummy eateries along the way. Did I mention that Bear, myself, and of course Shento, will all be cozy up in the front seat of a 17 ft. uhaul (plus car trailer). What an adventure this will be.  An adventure that I am actually in a weird way looking forward to. Road trips are always exciting with Bear. Plus, we have these fun conversation cards that ask really interesting, personal, and entertaining questions. we will be pulling those out frequently to get a laugh at one another. 

In other news, we are looking forward to our hot dog roast this Saturday with all of our closest (New Jersey) friends. The weather has been strange here and right we are having some type of misting rain effect. I hope that it clears up and is beautiful for the hot dog roast. 

Anyways, Bear and I are going out for some rainy day Pho at one our favorite places. We have to eat up at all the favorites before we move...

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