Fabulous Finds for your Friday

I spend way too much time on etsy searching through all the wonderful things that it has to offer. It always amazes me at how talented and creative some of these people are.  Throughout my time searching, I always find a couple items or shops that I am completely in love with, and I thought I would share with you my latest finds. My finds are never over $50.00, that way purchasing these items are easier and realistic. I hope you enjoy!

From left to right
Kyssa Vintage 
This cute vintage store has quickly become one of my favorites. I can not wait to have a baby so I can purchase all of her fun finds. Like this, this, and this. She adds items frequently so make sure you check back often.

Delezhen Handmade Jewelry Collection
Everything in her collection is beautiful and classic. The ring above got bought quickly after I found it, but here is another one very similar. All of her items are made with solid gold or gold plated vermeil and all the gemstones are natural. Plus, her prices are extremely reasonable.

Poppy and Pinecone 
Who doesn't love anything representing the state that means the most to you. These watercolors are bright, cheery, and colorful. Perfect for an office or a living room. I think I will be purchasing the New Jersey print for our office. But I am also really loving this print, it makes my heart happy.

Wheelie Bike
I love that these bicycle glasses  have a hint of vintage, masculinity, and fun all wrapped up together. They would make the perfect gift for your favorite gentleman. I am also really liking the screen printed t-shirts.

I hope you enjoyed my fabulous finds. Have a happy weekend! And remember, it is April Fools!

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