The Snow Storm of December 29th.

The snow came down hard and fast while we were in Utah. 
I loved it. I loved it because I was not the one out shoveling. 
I was the one out playing and taking pictures.
 Something magical happens when everything is covered in white fluff. When you are stuck at home because there is nothing else you can do. 

As most of you know, Bear and I met while in Utah. 
The first Christmas/winter that we had together was one of the
 worst snowfalls that Utah had seen in a while. 
Everything was white.
 The snowplows were not coming to our newly built neighborhood 
and with the snow continuing to fall, 
it continued to build up on our streets and yards. 
Bear’s family lives up the street from mine (my parents) 
and one of my favorite memories of this particular winter 
was walking from my parent’s house to meet Bear half way. 
We would trudge through the snow and brave the bitter cold to go for walks with each other. 
That winter we became friends and started creating memories with each other. 

The snow that created a winter wonderland around us this year, 
brought back so many of those great memories.  Memories of friends, family, and us.
This year we did a lot of reminiscing. 
We laughed at some of the stories we have shared (getting caught kissing in the hot tub),
 and emotions were stirred up. 
But at the end of it all, we smiled because everything seems to happen for a reason. 
We always seem to grow from the experience, let it be good or bad. 

I have spent 8 great years with Bear, as my best friends and as my lover,
 I have spent 8 wonderful years with the Brooks family, 
and 8 years with my sis-in-law. 
I can’t wait to continue spending years and creating memories with everyone. 

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