A Trip to Philadelphia

You have the kind of friends that you say hi to at work, & then you have good friends, like the kind you talk to on the phone at least once a week or the kind that you call or see on special occasions but it seems like you had just seen each other yesterday. You start off exactly where you left off.  I have a couple of these friends, one happens to be Lindsay. 

We met in high school and have been friends ever since. She is a shining example and always has been in my life. We use to have sleep overs almost every single night during summers, we would stay up late and talk about boys and our big plans of traveling the world together. Our big plans got ruined by husband, that we are so very grateful for. As our lives went on and we drifted in and out of contact for a couple years. Only calling or texting when something 'special' was happening. I regret that time and not making a better effort to be a better friend. 

Anyways, last spring I got a phone call from Lindsay saying that they are packing their bags and heading to the East Coast. Casey, her husband, got into dental school! I was ecstatic, jumping up and down to be exact. This past week was my first trip to Philadelphia to visit and it was wonderful. I had such a great time just hanging out and talking, playing with Jack, and being around some of my favorite people. I can't wait for the next visit. 

While I was there we took a trip to the reading terminal market and walked around looking at all the yummy food. I also got the opportunity to take some family pics for them. Go visit my photo blog to see more. They are an adorable family.  

P.S I was to busy talking and enjoying my time. I forgot to take pictures. Oh well, there is next time. 

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Lindsay said...

It was so much fun! I love hanging out with you, and I agree whole heartedly with the description of our friendship. Love you.