Step one.. Check

The proposal is complete... Printed, emailed, stapled, signed, stamped, and on its merry way to New York. What a relief. Yesterday morning Bear had to email it and then go print it off (7 copies) and post mark it and mail it that day. I pushed the send button on the email because he was so nervous. He drove like a crazy person to the school and was in a panic most of the morning. I tried calming his nerves but to be honest, I think I felt just as nervous. We acted like lunatics at the post office asking all types of questions that we normally would know the answers to. We checked and double checked all that needed to be complete. I silently said a little prayer as Bear handed the post-worker the package that contained so much time, effort, emotions, and hard work. What a relief... Now all we have to do it wait...

We went out to lunch, hugged each other for a long time in the middle of campus, and Bear could not wipe a smile off of his face.. I am so proud of him and all of his hard work. Bear is the most dedicated student and works extremely hard. This proposal was challenging and he faced it head on. Never giving up or getting a bad attitude. I am a very proud wife!!

I will tell you more about our evening celebration later. As of right now, I am off to sit on the couch with Bear and watch Toy Story 3.

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