A walk into the woods

One of our favorite places here in New Jersey is Rutgers Gardens. It is 50 acres divided into maintained gardens and untouched woods.  It is beautiful, quiet, and an ideal place to bring the puppy for a morning walk. Before we started our hectic week of running here and there, we started it off Monday morning with a peaceful journey into the woods. There is something about the atmosphere of these woods that makes me feel like a kid in an imaginary world. Running from bad guys, hiding under huge tree stumps, and of course, the prince charming by my-side to guide and protect me. Yes, these woods have a magical feeling to them. If you ever come to visit, I will prove it to you.  The walk curves along the river and over streams, eventually leading you into a tree forest. The trees are so tall they cover the sky above, making it dark and cool. The puppy is quite found of playing hid and seek here in this forest of trees. One of us will tell him to sit and we stay with him. The other will go and hide behind a tree. After a couple second we tell the puppy to go find "insert name". He starts to search, then panic, then search some more until he finds us. We (meaning Bear and I) start to laugh and we do the game again. I find that the simple things entertain all three of us :) This was a wonderful way to start our week. Thanks to the woods for being so magical and thank you to "my" prince charming for coming along.

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