Pickin Peppers


Remember way back in March when I posted about Bear's seedlings. Yes, those tiny seeds, the ones that I was skeptical would even grow. They grew and survived not being watered for 2 months while we were in Utah plus the deadly heat of New Jersey. They grew so much that their stems (gigantic steams) are taking up our vegetable planter. Those stems were starting to wilt because of the cold weather that is creeping upon us and the peppers were starting to look like they might die soon. We could not have that happen, so while Bear was away in Utah this weekend I decided to can them. About 100 peppers ranging from jalapeano to pablano. There were sooo many peppers that  after canning 3 jars filled with them I thought I better start getting creative with my pepper recipes. My creativity led me to make green sauce, hot sauce, and salsa with all of these peppers. Spicy, but delicious. And just an FYI, there are still peppers on the plants and they will continue to grow if it does not get too cold at night. Ahh..

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