Mr. Brooks and the lovely Proposal

I have been running around our house disinfecting everything. I have been sick and if Mr. Brooks catches this no-fun cold, we will have a problem. You see, Mr. Brooks has been so busy that I am lucky if I get 5 minutes face time with him. I have never seen him like this. He is stressed to the max and there is a constant worry in his face. I just want to hug him so tight that I pop all the stress bubbles that our floating in him. But that is a dream. Maybe on November 2nd they will start to drift away. Mr. Brooks is writing proposals. For all of you people not up-to-date with graduate school vocabulary, a proposal(s) is a applications that you turn into a committee in hopes to get grant money to do research. This application process consists of writing very specific (and long) project outlines. When I say very specific, I mean ridiculously specific. Mr. Brooks has been editing and revising this lovely (I am saying that with my most sarcastic tone) proposal since June. I feel like it has become a third wheel to our relationship. We go to the park, on a drive, or to grab something to eat, and this proposal seems to find its way into the hands of Mr. Brooks. Oh how I dream of me and him again. No third wheel to distract us and put such concern in Mr.Brooks face. I hate that third wheel, and I want to beat it with a stick. I hate that it is making my Mr. Brooks feel like this and the only thing that I can do to make him feel a little better for a short amount of time is hug him or massage his head. Mr. Brooks, I love you to death and this will all pay off in the end. For now, we have to welcome the third wheel with open arms and continue to smile because we at least know that there is an end. November 2nd!!! Yahooo

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