Saturday morning we got to sleep in together and when we woke up Bear decided that he would take half of the day off to hang out. It was wonderful! We started the day with a walk on the river path. It is so disappointing because the leaves never got to be the really bright colors that the east coats is use to seeing. It was still pretty and the cool air is so refreshing. Every time we go on walks Bear and I get chit-chatting. It is our uninterrupted time that we can dive deep into serious conversations or not so serious, whatever we choose. It is our time when we find out how we are doing and what we are feeling about certain things. This particular walk we talked a lot about school and Bears proposal (which will be completed and turned in tomorrow..yeah) and how time is going really fast. This season has gone by so quickly. I remember putting Halloween decorations up and thinking that I was jumping ahead a little with putting Pumpkins up at the end of September. That seems like yesterday and it feels like we have not enjoyed those pumpkins enough. I hope that time will slow down. Although, I am getting really excited for the Christmas season.

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