The past 2 months have been rejuvenating. I have been unemployed and reaching deep down inside my soul to find out what my true passions, enjoyments, goals, and life’s delights really are. I thought and prayed about all my feelings. I have reached the stage were I feel content. Really, really content. So content that just thinking about everything puts a huge smile on my face. For the first time since I have been married I am not over-thinking the future, I am taking everything step by step. The hubby told me this when I was considering quitting my job. He said everything comes in steps,  I need to not look at step 7 before I accomplish steps 1 through 6. In that case my first step was quitting my job. Next, pack our bags for Utah and enjoy the much-needed break. Once we got back in New Jersey I needed to do something everyday that revolved around a “could be” job, such as applying for jobs, following up with people or emailing people and asking questions.  Lastly, once I got an interview the next step was to practice going over interview questions. Voila. My step-by-step program. While this was happening, instead of over-thinking every little thing about our future, I was able to fill my thoughts with little tasks that will help me build the future that I want. And although there are still anticipation or questions about when and how things will happen, I feel good. 

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