Raritan River Walk



The leaves are slowly starting to change color and the weather is finally cooling off here in New Jersey. It is so refreshing to walk outside and not feel the overwhelming heat suffocating you. Shento and I decided to take advantage of this nice weather and hit the Raritan River path for a long walk. This walk has become habit. The hubby, Shento, and myself usually travel the gravel road five or more times a week. We watch the seasons change through the overgrowing trees. In the summer the trees are full, green, making it almost impossible to see through them. As it turns to fall the trees start turning this radiant shade of red and orange. The leaves start to fall making the canal on one side and the Raritan River on the other, easier to see. Come winter all that is left on the trees are their branches and a few icicles on those really chilly days. Once spring arrives the new growth starts to appear and each week the trees become greener and fuller.. and the process starts all over. This walk is lovely, and has been the center of many memories since starting our life here in NJ. 

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