Beehive Adventures in a Birthday Hat and Tea Pot

I am just know getting the rest of our Utah pictures up here. I know it has taken me too long. However, we got back into town and have been trying to get back into the swing of real life. Plus my computer has been having some issues that have made it really difficult to do anything. Anyways, we are back up and running. As promised, the rest of our exciting, wonderful trip. 

First up, a Birthday Party. While my Papa was in town it happen to be his exciting day. Of course we had to celebrated with hats and all!!


The Beehive Tea Room

This day, in my memory was a happy day. For no apparent reason, Bear and I had smiles on our faces the whole day. We woke in the morning not sure what we would do. Since it was one of the last days before we packed up we were trying to figure out something that we could do that we would miss while back in New Jersey. We both agreed on Salt Lake. A book store and walking around temple square would satisfy us.
After walking around the temple and the bookstore we started to get hungry. Since I was in high school I have heard all about a place called the Beehive Tea Room. Every time we went to Utah i've wanted to go. I mentioned it to Bear and we walked the couple of blocks to the Beehive Tea Room. The minute I walked in I fell in love. It was so cute and antiquie. We ate delicious sandwiches and enjoyed the old traditional victorianesque decorations. I can not wait to go there in the winter and escape away from the bitter cold with a hot pot of tea. After lunch we walked around downtown a little bit longer and enjoyed the scenery that downtown salt lake has to offer.


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