roaming free

. For the past 41 months Shento has seldom been able to roam the house while the hubby or I are not there. I quickly learned that leaving him for as little as five minutes will make our house look like a shredder went through it. Pillows torn up, the carpet dug, and all the curtains pulled down. After having to go through that ordeal a couple of times we decided it would be best to buy a cage and cage him while we left the house. He has grown to love his (big) cage. It is his comfort place. If something scares him he runs to his cage and always seems to find reassure that things will be okay. Although he seems to love his cage, the hubby and I would always feel so bad having to lock him up. We always said that we wished he could roam freely in the house, take a nap on the bed, be able to eat when he wants, and chew on his bone without the restriction of a cage. A couple weeks ago when I got home from work the hubby had an announcement to make, it was that he left Shento in the house to roam freely while he went to class. I immediately went into panic mode, until I soon realized that everything in the house still looked in-tacked. Shento made a huge leap forward in his doggy life. He now stays home alone everyday while the hubby goes off to class. And everyday I feel a hint of excitement knowing that he did not tear anything up.

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haha your comment made me laugh! You are totally fine.. I'm a blog stalker myself! lol. I added you to our blog list, hope you don't mind :)