Day to Day

The sun has been shinning brightly this past week. Bear and I have been soaking up every bit we can. It is Bear’s spring break and we have beenhaving a lot of fun together. Even though Bear is still doing his grad school thing (reading and writing) we have been able to spend a lot of (needed) quality time together. I love that quality time together. I crave it. My mind and body ache for it. Last Friday we kicked off the spring break week by going to our favorite consignment shop in Princeton. We love the little town of Princeton. Princeton has been the only place here in New Jersey that we have found to be a quant, small town, ‘feel like home’ main street with little shops and beautiful architectural buildings, kind of a place. The consignment store that we have grown to love is filled with an array of accessories, clothes, and shoes. We laughed together as we tried on different types of clothes. I spied on Bear while he was in the dressing room. The dressing rooms are separated by only heavy fabric making it very easy to spy. Not that I would do that to just anyone, but when it is your husband it makes it a little fun. We started laughing and the heavy fabric started to sway. I am sure people out in the store were questioning what was going on. Nothing… besides Bear and I being silly. We left the consignment store with bags filled of new items (for Bear). After our shopping spree we headed over to our favorite burrito place, Moe’s. We grabbed a burrito and headed home. The weekend was spent mostly at home due to all the rain and storms (see in previous post). We laid low and enjoyed each other’s company. Being stuck inside lead us to watch TV and movies. Movie watching for us rarely happens. I have trouble sitting still for that long and Bear and I do not exactly have the same type of taste in movies. So it is always a treat when we watch a movie together. Cuddling under the blanket and hearing the rain hit our living room window was romantic. With Bear being so busy this semester the romance in our life has slowly left. - Clarify: it is okay for our romance to leave, we just have to know how to bring it back. And we sure know how to bring it back!! We have started holding hands everywhere we go and we even made-out. We made-out like we use to when we were first dating. You know that twitterpated feeling you get when you are first dating someone. I still get it with Bear. LOVE THAT! Love that he can still make me feel like I felt when I was 17 and secretively had a crush on him. To spice things up even more we did something that we both really enjoy. Riding the motorcycle. This week the sun was beaming brightly and thank you to day light savings we now have more daylight, we were able to take the bike for its first stroll this season. Being on the back of the motorcycle is so relaxing. The wind blows through my hair and the loud noise drowns out any thoughts that I have. If anything is bothering me a long motorcycle ride usually is the cure. It was great taking a simple 30-minute ride around town. Wrapping my arms around Bear while I hold on tight is romantic. Don’t you think?

Enough babbling. I have more thoughts. More things to talk about from our adventures this week but I willsave them for another day.


Isn't he dreamy...

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