A message from Bear - This past semester I've seen long (...long, long) hours reading, writing, attending class, and conducting interviews on the weekends. Sometimes it is a lot of fun, and at other times it can wear me down. I've been getting through it though, and rather painlessly, all thanks to Katrina. She has been the most patient, understanding, and supportive partner I could ever hope for. Even when we only see each other for 45 minutes out of the day I am always reminded of how lucky I am to get to spend even that short bit of time with each other. So while I may not have the time to contribute much to this blog it is awesome to be able to look back over it and see all of the awesome times that we've had together. And mostly, it reminds me to be thankful that Katrina does take the time to so lovingly document our life and share it with everyone.

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