its raining

Tonight I am trying to relax and enjoy the quiet stillness of our home. If anyone knows me, they know that I have a really heard time relaxing. I sit on the couch to enjoy some TV and my mind starts to drift elsewhere. I start thinking about what I could be doing and what I should be doing. Even when there is really nothing on my to-do list … don’t worry, I create things that need to be accomplished. Tonight, I have things to do. Like laundry, and putting pictures from my computer to a disk, up-dating my etsy site, and doing the dished in the sink. However, tonight I need to clear my mind of the to-do list and relax. It is raining outside. I have started my dinner and have already put on pj’s (it is 6:43 p.m.). I feel like the rain, although I would not be going outside anyways, gives me a good excuse to sit and watch TV. I ran to the grocery store today after work and running into the store got me soaked. My nice strait hair went poof and the curls started to appear. I bought turkey hot dogs. That is what I chose for dinner tonight. My lonely dinner because tonight Bear is attending to the demanding tasks of grad school. Tomorrow he has a HUGE speech to give in front of all the people that matter in his department. Everyone wish him LUCK! even though he will not need it. He is well prepared. He has been busy. No, busy does not even describe what he has been. Maybe frantic, sleep deprived, and forgetting what I look like might be more accurate. The poor guy got home last night at 1 am and got up this morning at 8 am to head to class, and as I mentioned before…. he is gone for the evening. I have realized in the past couple weeks that I might be a little bit of a needy wife. I really love having the attention that Bear gives me and right now I am missing it.  But I can’t be needy.  He is doing something he needs to do for his future, for our future. I love him for working so hard. 

Its been an hour since I opened my computer and started typing this. My relaxing evening is drifting away.. good night to all who reads this (if any). I am hitting up the couch and cuddling with the puppy. 

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