Have a great week. 
Up-date from our weekend will come tomorrow. Stay tuned 

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Hailey Jones said...

dear katrina.
i always always forget you have a blog.
wait i remember you have one. i just never add it to my blog. so then i get sad when i miss all these posts.
but i added it today.
i always call my husband bear well he always calls me bear. but then sometimes i think... his name is not bear. that is katrinas bf now husbands name.

so i can't steal it.
and i call him bubbah.
but i remember you ALL the time.
how are you?
what is your husb in graduate school for?
are you loving the east coast?
i am jealous.
i shouldn't be.
but i love outside of utah life.

and i love you.
so good to finally remember to add you to my blog roll.
now i will look every day.
so please update it.
so my life at work is not too boring.