She wore a blue poka dotted one piece

I have been on the search for a bathing suit. However, not just any kind of bathing suit. I want or maybe wanted one that would do a good job of covering up the stomach area as well as the breasts. Sorry if that is too much information. From my experience and I am sure many other woman out there will agree, most bathing suits emphasize one aspect of your body, and that would be your breasts. I don’t want that. So on with the story. The hubby and I walked into Costco the other day to do the routine stock up on food and as we were getting ready to head to the check out line we walk right past potentially cute bathing suits. I held a couple up, got the hubbies opinion and decided I would purchase one and try it on at home and make my decision. Well, I have tried it on literally 8 or 9 times. While wearing the bathing suit I have posed in the mirror, walked up and down the stairs, modeled it for the husband, and hemmed and hawed about whether it made me look like a 70 year old grandma (which is not a bad thing, but something that I would prefer not to look like at my age) or if it had the possibility of being something classy with a hint of sexy mixed in.

Because I can’t find a picture nor would I post one of myself up in this bathing suit I will describe it. Pretty much it is a simple dark blue one-piece suit with light blue poka dots all over it, which add a hint of young to the maybe not so young looking suit. The main point to all this rambling is two things; first, is a one-piece to old lady looking? and second where do you find cute yet inexpensive bathing suits for people like me? To end the story, I think I might go try on this blue poka-dotted yet to be determined bathing suit.

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