Deck the halls in Utah

This Christmas Bear and I traveled to Utah to celebrate the holidays with our families. It took us four days, a night spent in Minnesota, and lost baggage, but we finally made it just in time for Christmas. This year my Aunt, Uncle, cousins, and Papa all drove from California to come to Utah for Christmas which made it extra special and fun to have everyone together. Bear loved hanging out with my three cousins, spencer, noah, and ashton. You could always find them up on the hill near my parents house making jumps that they later went off on their sleds. Bear got to get in a couple days of skiing, I on the other hand had an accident ice skating and was out of commission for most of our trip... but at least I got to go ice-skate! Anyways, we loved every minute while we were out in Utah. Thanks to all my family for making this Christmas one of the best!

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