We had a Halloween party at my work and was 
suppose to dress up in pairs so my co-worker and I 
dressed as a coloring book and crayon (me). I made mini carmel apples and everyone brought yummy treats. 
Because Halloween landed on a Friday, Bear and I needed something fun to do. So on a whim we packed our car and headed to Washington, DC to surprise some of our two friends, Ryan and Janice. Ryan was having a Halloween party and we wanted to surprise him and show up randomly at his party. I dressed up as a cow girl (the only thing that I could pull together in 5 minutes) and Bear dressed up as Ryan Merkel  (some may know who he is. He was in our wedding and has been one of Bear's friend
s for a very long time). The costume was great and Bear looked just like Ryan ( the whole idea was a joke. Since we were surprising 
Ryan it was so funny whe
n he realized that Bear was dressed like him). 
Halloween turned out great and it was a lot of fun to be with our friends. We spent the whole weekend in DC visiting the sights and seeing some of our countries history. 

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