It is 11:47a.m (Jersey time) on Sunday and we had great intentions of waking up and going to church this morning but when the olympics are on the night before you have some what of a predicament. There is something about the olympics that just catches your attention and you end up never leaving the couch. That is exactly what has been happening to us the past couple days. We start watching them at around 8p.m thinking that we will just watch a little a go to bed and all of a sudden it is 1 in the morning and we are still watching. Bear turned to me last night and said " we have never watched this much TV in are whole lives of knowing each other" and I think he is probably right but when the Olympics are on it's a whole different story.. 


susan said...

Oh this is a wonderful site. What a great way to keep us informed. I love it and don't feel as distant. Thanks for taking the time. What an adventure you are having. Love you and have fun.

Mary Lambe said...

Hi Guys,

Glad you are enjoying NJ. You all are about 12 miles from the town I grew up in and where Tim's brothers still live. I grew up in Hopelawn, which is only about 8 blocks long. Tim's older brother Danny is in Perth Amboy and his younger one is in Woodbridge. I spent many days at Rutgers at their basketball games while I was in highschool.

Love the pictures! We had a great time at the wedding. Hope we see you in Fl or Ut soon.

Love, Mary and all the Lambes